The story of Miss Rimmer!

Some people may wonder "who's Miss Rimmer?", " Who am I trusting to organise childcare for my big event", "Who is this woman finding my unicorn babysitter" Well..... It's ME Alice Mary Rimmer!!

Just a normal 30 year old woman!

I pretty much feel a normal 30 year old woman, living in what I feel is a beautiful leafy part of Manchester. I spent 12 years working in day nurseries and schools across Trafford and Salford. Within this time I worked my self up from a level 2 apprentice to completing my BA (Hons) Degree at Bolton Uni in 2018. Throughout my time I met some amazing childcare practitioners, some of which work for me now. I seem to have a special skill in knowing when someone starts in childcare if they have to power to survive.

Well where did Miss Rimmer's Childcare come from?

So while working in a local preparatory school lots of parents asked me to babysit for them, this was not something I had done before but I said okay. At the time I was mid degree so it was perfect for me to earn a little bit extra and I would actually focus on my work when away from my own house. so my entire degree was pretty much completed while babysitting (obviously once the children were soundly asleep). I then left this school and went back to a nursery to work my way up, but one thing kept bothering me and this was the lack of flexibility. I found my self finishing my degree, working full time and babysitting most evening and weekends. This eventually became to much and bang I ended up in hospital!

I knew something had to give and me being me went back to work and gave in my notice in the notion I was going to go it alone and provide ad hoc support for parents.

I remember a mum of a family I babysit quite often saying "good on you going freelance" I had no idea what freelance even meant and I realised I had a lot to learn!! I first started working with this particular family back in the Prep school where I was know as Miss Rimmer which is how the business came to be known as Miss Rimmer's Childcare!!

Although supporting families with ad hoc childcare is still our main focus, one thing I haven't yet mentioned is I am also a qualified party planner!!!

When we started to get a number of requests in for wedding sitters and wedding nannies I decided to combine my party planning knowledge and provide extra services for small events.

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