Services and Fees

Permanent nanny (part-time or full-time) | Engagement Fee - £199, 5% Equivalent to Nanny's Annual Salary Placement Fee (This is a one off fee payable once your nanny has accepted their offer of employment) - See Below for what's included

Temporary Nanny (from 3 days to 12 weeks) | £20 per day (15% discount over 4 weeks)

Overnight care (with a maximum ratio of 1 Applicant to 3 children) | £25 booking fee plus either £120 for a child under 3 years; or £80 for a child over 3 years of age.

Evening Babysitter | £15 booking fee ( Membership Available - See Below)

Emergency nanny (less than 24 hours’ notice) | £20 booking fee

Proxy Parenting (24 hours to 3 days) | £25 booking fee per day

Hotel Babysitters | £30 booking fee

Event Nanny (with a maximum ratio of 1 Applicant to 2 children) | £50 booking fee

Maternity Nurse | £15 per night

Mini VIP Play Area | £50 booking fee, £200 for two hours set up, £45 per additional hour required

Event Creche | £100 booking fee, £400 for 3 hour set up, £75 per additional hour required.

Holiday Nanny | £99 booking fee plus Applicant accommodation and travel paid by Client

Before and Afterschool (Wrap around care) | £150 engagement fee, Equivalent of x2 weeks Nanny Salary - Placement Fee 


We offer a straightforward  replacement free of charge if the employee leaves your employment within eight weeks.

If after four weeks we are unable to find a replacement, or you decide not to carry on with the search, we will refund your introduction fee (and only charge you a temporary fee for the time the employee worked for you).

What's Included

  • Your 1 to 1 Family Consultation

  • Job Description

  • Bespoke Recruitment 

  • Previous Employer References

  • At least 3 Nanny Shortlist Packs

  • Advanced Vetting

  • Driving and Vehicle Assessments

  • Interview Guide 

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Placement Documents

  • New Enhanced DBS

  • Solicitor Drafted Employment Contracts 

  • Payroll Setup and Monthly Pay slips for 12 months (See Here)

  • Straightforward replacement if the employee leaves within eight weeks. 

Babysitting Membership

Book unlimited evening and weekend babysits with a trusted and reliable babysitter through our annual or monthly fee:

Annual - £199

Monthly - £20

*Fee's do not cover Babysitter Salary

Email to enquire about our babysitting membership



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