Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the best nannies interview questions?

You can find a full document on this to download in our downloads section.

What is the difference between a nanny and au-pair?

Qualifications This is the biggest difference a nanny is qualified, where as an au pair has no official childcare qualifications. Nannies For nannies, this is a chosen profession. A nanny is employed by a family and earns a salary for their services. Au Pairs Au pairs generally come to the UK to expereince a new culture. Their main aim is to generally learn english and in exchange for full board and a small weekly allowance. They help around the home with babysitting whilst attending language course.

How long does is take to hire a nanny?

The average time to employ a nanny from start to finish is roughly 2 - 6 weeks. A lot of effort is put into shortlisting candidates whom are the best fit for your family lifestyle and household requirements. Futher time is needed to be allowed for the schedules of both the client and candidates for interviews and possible trails. If you require and position to be filled urgently please advise your consultant of your time fram and we will work our hardest to fulfil your request.

What are the employer's obligations in the UK?

As the employer, you will be responsible for paying all necessary tax, national insurance and pension contributions in addition to the employee's net salary. Miss Rimmer's Childcare reccomend Nanny Tax, a specialist outsourced payroll provider to undertake this. Nanny tax will charge you an annual fee to look after this. Nanny Tax will also generate a monthly payslip for employee detailing the net amount.

Is a nanny employed or self employed?

All permanent employees in a household wo work are employed, not self employed. Those candidates who work on a temporary basis are self employed and are responsible themselves for declaring their income and meeting the accompanying tax obligations.

Who supplies to employmet contract to be agreed between the nanny and the employer?

Miss Rimmer's Childcare can provide a draft contract of employment for you should require this.

What fee do Miss Rimmer's Childcare charge as an agency?

For permanent positions we charge a 5% of the candidates gross annual salary, payable when an offer of employment is made by the client and accepted by the candidate. For temporary placements we charge a daily fee.

If I join the babysitting membership do i get the same babysitter each time?

Wether you sign up to the babysitting memebership or pay as you go, Miss Rimmer's Childcare will always aim to provide you with the same babysitter each time. Where this is not possible we aim to introduce you to a new babysitter.

Can I have a trial run with my new nanny?

Yes, we encourage you to have at least one trial day before your official start date. The initial trial day is free, any additional trail days we charge a small fee which is dedcuted off your final invoice.

I am anxious about leaving my child with a babysitter for the first time.

We completly understand this and with our babysitters eperience they will all understand this too. We do recommend you agree to meet the sitter meeting which is free of charge and also show your child your babysitter's photo from the profile. All staff are fully vetted and first aid trained.

Who does your event childcare work?

Our event nannies can attend a variety of events from weddings, christenings and private parties. We offer a number of event childcare services please visit our event childcare page for more infomation.

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