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Manchester And Cheshire's

Nanny and Event Childcare

Employment Agency

Full/ Part Time Nannies

We support you in finding the perfect nanny for your family

Emergency Nanny

Ready to step in and save in the day whenever needed.

Overnight Care

Enjoy a night away knowing your little ones are well cared for.

Mini VIP Area

A pop up play area to meet your mini VIP requirments.

Temporary Nanny

From 3 days - 12 weeks Childcare

Proxy Parenting

Will step in and take over while you are away from 24 hours to 7 days. 

Event Babysitters

Dance the night away child free, even let your guests join in

Event Creche

Give the children their own space full of fun and games.

Ad Hoc Nanny

Just need a nanny occasionally then our team of ad hoc nannies are on hand.


We specialise in finding babysitters to meet your requirements 

Event Nannies

Our event Nannies are on hand to look after your little ones at your big event.

Holiday Nanny

Take one of our event nannies with you where ever you are holding your big event.

A message from our CEO 

Welcome to Miss Rimmer's Event Childcare, I ensure that you only get the best babysitters around, I understand that every families requirements when it comes to babysitters is different so we aim to work closely with you to find your perfect match. I also completely understand that planning an event is stressful at the best of times so let our expert team of event nannies take care of the little ones while you relax and enjoy your big day. 


“Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, me & my partner had to postpone our wedding until next year. When we asked Alice if she'd be able to change the wedding childcare we had booked with her to our new date this was no problem at all! We both couldn't thank Alice enough for her understanding in this difficult time and look forward to having her look after the little ones on our special day next year ”


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